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The Ultimate UPSC Prelims(GS + CSAT) Toolkit for 2025/26 that helped thousand of Aspirants to Seal Their Spot in The List of Prelims Qualified Students And Score 60% Higher Than The Rest

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Powerful Benefits That You Get With This Toolkit

Cover all important topics , micro topics in shortest time

Understand the complex concepts in super easy way

Get the power to Identify patterns of the UPSC prelims paper

Outperform other aspirants and get a massive edge over all of them

Retain all the important concepts for a very long time

Get exact clarity on what to read and how to read it

Learn to write the answers in the most effective way to score high

Be confident of your preparation so you don't feel stressed

Perform at your peak potential in the 2024 prelims exam

The Most Challenging Part of UPSC is

Changing Exam Patterns And Trends Of The Prelims Examination

Fear of encountering unexpected topics that you haven't read

Fear of competition and not being able to outperform other aspirants.

You don't feel confident about the effectiveness of your preparation.

You constantly fear about missing out on the important topics.

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The Ultimate UPSC Prelims(GS+CSAT) Toolkit for 2025/26

Here's How This Toolkit Solves All Your Problems

Crafted by Experts

These books are crafted by experts who have done in depth analysis of all the past year prelims papers for years.

Covers Every Important Topic of The UPSC Syllabus

It covers all the PYQs from the past 30 years plus 7500+ most expected questions all in all 15,000+ questions that covers every single topic even micro-topic that is important from UPSC point of view.

Be Exactly Clear on What To Read for Prelims

After going through topic wise PYQs, you find the topics with maximum PYQs means those topics are the most important and you should read them first then read the ones with less PYQs and so on.

Understand Complex Concepts and Retain Things for Long

The books have a student-friendly language with illustrations like maps , flowcharts that makes it easy to retain. They avoid Technical Jargons and explain advanced concepts in a simple yet exam oriented manner with diagrams.

Identify The Patterns and Trends of The Prelims Exam

After practicing the questions in the books, you will recognize patterns on what type of questions UPSC asks, how it asks, and then your mind will start connecting the dots and find those hidden patterns that no aspirant is able to see.

Outperform Other Aspirants Score 20% Higher Marks

On the exam day, most aspirants are stressed, and are not able to give their best but after practicing the questions and solving 15 full length tests you will be confident of your preparation, far less stressed, and operate at your MAX Potential and get an edge over others.

Ultimate UPSC Prelims(GS+CSAT) Toolkit for you if…

You are driven to qualify Prelims 2025-26 with high marks

You want that "IAS" word to get attached before your name

You want to turn the biggest dream of your parents into reality

You want to score much higher than the other aspirants

You don't want to miss out any single important topic

You want to be at peak potential while solving prelims paper

You have shortage of time to complete the mammoth syllabus

You want to do the most effective revision for Prelims with practice

What Makes This Toolkit More Effective Than Other Materials Out There?

It is highly recommended to clear UPSC Prelims Exam
Consist of previous year questions of other exams conducted by UPSC and other state PCS as well
15,000+ questions that covers every important topic and sub-topic in the syllabus
Concepts have been explained in a lucid manner with examples to illustrate the practical application
Written from a generalist point of view to suit aspirants both from arts and science streams
Written in a student-friendly language with illustrations like maps, flowcharts
15 Full Length Test Papers that takes your preparation to the next level
Written by the top UPSC experts who have made an indepth analysis of all prelims papers
All the chapters/topics in the book are as per the latest official UPSC syllabus

Here's Everything You Get In UPSC Prelims(GS+CSAT) Toolkit By Guide2Success

Pack of 4 books crafted by Top UPSC Experts

Books cover the entire syllabus of Indian Polity and Governance, Economy and Agriculture, Geography, Modern History, Art and Culture, Science and Technology, Economy etc.

120+ Test Series

70+ Sectional Test

200+ Mock Test

Current Affairs Test

Daily Current Affairs

Daily Newspapers

Daily Quizzes

Audio Current Affairs

The Hindu Analysis

Monthly Magazine

Complete 6 to 12 NCERT

Toppers Handwritten Notes

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Gain Unwavering Confidence

After practicing questions and giving full-length tests, you gain unwavering confidence for your UPSC prelims preparation

Still Have Questions, We Got You Covered

It doesn't matter at which stage of preparation you currently find yourself. If you're a beginner, this toolkit will help you understand which topics to cover first and which ones to cover later. If you're in the middle of your preparation and want to ensure you've covered all the important topics, going through all the questions will naturally cover those topics. Even if you're looking to revise and engage in rigorous practice for your prelims, this toolkit is perfect for you.

This toolkit includes a set of 4 books and study material, books you will get at your mentioned address within 2-3 days and study material you will get through Mobile APP + Online Study Portal + Whatsapp immediately within 1 hour.

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