ADP to be extended to block, city level: PM
GS Paper- 2, Govt Policies and Interventions, Governance.

Aspirational Districts’ Programme:

The basic features of the scheme:

Performance Indicators:

  1. With the states serving as the primary drivers, this initiative focuses on the strengths of each district, finding low-hanging fruit for quick development and monitoring success by rating districts on a monthly basis.
  2. The ranking is based on incremental improvement in 49 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) spanning five main socioeconomic themes:

The Champions of Change Dashboard displays the delta-ranking of Aspirational Districts as well as the performance of all districts.

Other Features:

Key Findings:

Districts with High Aspirations vs Districts with Low Aspirations:

Criteria for Evaluation:

Aspirational District Program Related Difficulties:

-On-time textbook delivery in schools is included in the ranking index; nevertheless, textbook delivery may or may not be an issue in districts.

-Furthermore, as indicated by the ASER study, the quality of education in India is dismal.

Countering the Existing Gaps and Challenges:

The programme was started with the goal of lowering inter- and intra-state inequities, and it is well on its way to accomplishing that goal.

The distinctive aspects of introducing competition, handholding assistance from the centre and state, and collaboration with many agencies are proven effective in realising the objective of holistic development.

Solution- To address these difficulties, districts might be further grouped together and supported based on their shared qualities.

Solution- There’s a need for revised indicators, as well as a reduced emphasis on a competitive approach, as these are likely to result in data misreporting by districts. Aside from that, other training and learning programmes are required.

Solution: There is a need for capacity building at the grassroots level. This can be addressed by assigning specialised employees to districts, such as Aspirational District Fellows or programme representatives. This would increase accountability and ownership.

Solution- This should not only be targeted for programme recipients, but also integrated into the governance model as indicators of inclusive and sustainable progress.

Aspirational District Program’s Influence:

Through ADP, the government aims to help districts that have made less progress in reaching important socioeconomic goals.

For example, health outcomes in ADP witnessed a rise in pregnant women enrolling with the health system, institutional delivery of new-borns, and anti-diarrheal medication, among other things.

The Way Forward: