The Fragile State of Nuclear Disarmament
GS Paper- 3, Energy and Security.


Nuclear Disarmament:

Important Treaties:

Deterrence Theory:

Nuclear Disarmament Issues:

India’s commitment to nuclear disarmament:

What kind of nuclear weapon does India have?

India possesses neutron, fission, and thermonuclear bombs with a total yield of up to 200 Kilotons. Pokhran-II had five detonations, one of which was a fusion bomb and the other four were fission bombs. The bombs may be fired by land, air, or sea, making India one of the few nuclear triad states in the world.

Why did India choose nuclear power?

India has how many land-based nuclear missiles?

What are the primary characteristics of India’s Nuclear Doctrine?

The following are some of the key elements of India’s nuclear doctrine.

What lies ahead: