Let us have a look at a 5-step full-proof method for preparing for the Civil Services Exam.

Step 1: Be well-versed on the test.

Step 2: Consolidate your base.

Step 3: Expand Your Knowledge

Step 4: Work on your answer-writing skills.

Step 5: March Towards Prelims/Mock-Test Based Learning

Let us take a closer look at each of these stages individually:

Step 1: Be well-versed on the test.

Before studying for any exam, it is critical to understand the exam’s intricacies.

Read the UPSC test notice attentively to familiarise yourself with the exam curriculum, exam pattern, exam timetable, and eligibility requirements. After that, have a look at the previous year’s papers and read through them to get a sense of what will be asked in the test.

You will save a significant amount of time on your preparatory trip if you devote a focused amount of time to this activity! Alternatively, you may go through the material on our website to learn everything there is to know about the test! You should also begin reading the newspaper at this time. 

Step 2: Consolidate your base.

Whatever your background, you must comprehend the fundamentals of the UPSC curriculum’ main disciplines. As a result, consult NCERTs, which may be obtained for free from NCERT’s official website. Before writing notes, read them at least twice, and then read NCERT.

Step 3: Brush up on your knowledge by reading standard literature.

After you have finished reading all of the NCERTs, it is time to broaden your horizons by reading some standard novels. On our website, you can get the whole UPSC book list.

Step 4: Revision and Practice Writing Answers

Answer-writing practise and revision are crucial in the UPSC preparation process, particularly for the UPSC Mains Exam. You can begin practising answer-writing when you have completed a topic from the NCERT as well as standard books. Before that, it will be a pointless exercise because the content of the answer will have to be based on literature. It is also crucial at this point to integrate constant revision.

Step 5: A Learning Approach Based on Mock Tests

You should start using a mock test-based study technique two months before the preliminary exam. It will make you feel like you are taking an exam. It will help you relax around test time after you have become used to it. Simultaneously take a genuine exam-style fake test and assess your results. Examine your weak spots and review any topics you may have forgotten. It will not only assist you in managing your anxiety during the exam, but it will also provide you with excellent exam preparation!