Counteracting China’s Influence by Improving Self-Capacity

This editorial is based on Tackling China’s infra build-up along LAC, which was published in Hindustan Times on 14/06/2022. It talks about China’s infrastructure buildup along the LAC and the steps India can take for deterrence against any Chinese attack.

For prelims: India-China border mapping, Tibetan plateau, Xinjiang region, PLAAF, IAF

For mains: Implications for India due to improvement on infrastructure by the Chinese side on LAC and how can India respond to this threat.

With the rise of belligerent China and its increasing level of infrastructure buildup near India’s border area, there is a need for India to enhance its infrastructure capabilities to deter China from pursuing any misadventure along the LAC (Line of Actual Control), and to further develop it’s long term strategy to contain China.

What’s the Issue?

What kind of Infrastructure is being built by China?

What are China’s Intentions?

What are the Challenges for India?

What is the response from the Indian side?

What Could be the Way Forward?